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Why hire a tour guide?

Visiting a country like Israel with a guide is an opportunity to enter its history, traditions and customs, architecture and religions. You will understand and appreciate the complexity, beauty and reality of Israel. Let’s go together to discover Israel by observing the traces of the past that have marked this country for several millennia. Using photos, books, maps and anecdotes, I will tell you the story of the historical and natural sites in a unique way to make the stones speak and the landscapes come alive.
So, are you ready for an extraordinary adventure in a country where everything is imaginable?

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My background

After studying in the United States and obtaining a Master’s degree in France, I worked for about ten years in France before moving to Israel. Passionate about History since always, more particularly about the history of religions and the incredible destiny of Israel, I resumed my studies here in Jerusalem to become a French and English speaking tour guide. After two years of courses in history, religious history, geology, geography, flora and fauna, architecture and international relations, after visiting more than 500 tourist sites and passing oral and written exams, I am now a licensed tour guide by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.
The profession of tour guide in Jerusalem and the rest of Israel allows me to live my passion for history, archaeology and Israel on a daily basis with the pleasure of meeting new people every day.

If you have any questions, are looking for advice or would like to book a tour,

I invite you to contact me.